Apparel & Gifts

Apparels and gifts are ideal for giveaways or thank-you presents. You may
customize them with a wrapper or a sticker to communicate your message.
Corporate gifts are mainly used to promote a business, brand, or group.
Sustainability and social responsibility are essential these days, so Fairtrade gifts are
an excellent option.

Even if it is improving, the textile sector does not have a good reputation for
sustainability and fair trade. That is why it is even more essential to provide fairtrade
alternatives. Fairtrade t-shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts are some of the ideal options
in sustainable apparel collections.

All of these things are made entirely of organic cotton. CO2 emissions are decreased
by 90% thanks to organic cotton cultivation, green energy use, and transportation
and manufacturing efficiency.

With a Fairtrade present, you help to promote fair trade. By purchasing a Fairtrade
product, you help ensure that farmers and employees are paid the minimum wage.
They can meet their manufacturing expenses with this pricing in any situation. In
addition, the farmers get a Fairtrade stipend, which they may use for development
and community initiatives.

You demonstrate to your colleagues, customers, or prospects that you don’t simply
give away any corporate present but carefully choose a gift with an effect.
Furthermore, you demonstrate that you are actively engaged in combating the global
issue of unfair commercial practices.

You ensure that the Fairtrade logo is visible in various souvenirs. Consider folks who
use your Fairtrade cotton bag to go to the market or wear your Fairtrade t-shirts
while jogging or working out. As a result, you may unknowingly inspire others.

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