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Here, at Hakuna Matata we understand the importance of cultural items and how these objects hold stories that represents the culture, country and people. Our expertise on the ground insures that tourists, travellers and wanderers go home with genuine textile gifts rather than gimmicks. Whether, you want to buy a t-shirt, bag, hoodie, basket or ceramic piece, we understand that every object has a story to tell.

In a world of fast fashion and fast production, our aim is to offer substance and meaning. We do this by honouring the people behind the items, commemorating the years of priceless generational knowledge and skill that cannot be brought but only embodied.

East Africa, considered home to some of the oldest longest-continuing civilisations has preserved skills and artistry that can not be found anywhere else. Maasai beads are an example of jewellery with potent symbolisms only found in Kenya and Tanzania, whilst Kitengela Glass is a beautiful display of the endlessly creative ways glass can be used to create both art and practical objects. The act of buying a gift would symbolise much more to purchase wood sculptures and woven baskets weaving from people or areas that have these practical art forms running through their lineage and blood. In essence, purchasing with heart and thought, binds people across the world, from creator to reciever. By buying these products are acts of sustainability as these products often use natural resources and sustain people’s livelihoods. Small actions like these reflects mindfulness in a globalised world, that often erases workers’ rights.

By ensuring that our products come from a place of meaning, we work closely with companies and the skilled-workers who know the markets, stories and techniques by heart. In this way, we hope that consumers and manufacturers both experience an honest transparent trading experience that allows everyone to feel seen.

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