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About Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata is a budding innovative brand with ove ten-year-long story unravelling and finally coming to fruition. This incomparable insider knowledge and expertise in the region crowns Hakuna Matata King in the field of tourism in East Africa.

What’s in a Name?
Hakuna Matata, meaning “there are no troubles” in Swahili, popularised by the Lion King that borrowed the phrase – is in fact much more than a song but a way of life for the Swahili people. Hakuna Matata breathes this important life lesson to anyone who is wise enough to travel, listen and embody it in their life.

What makes Hakuna Matata unique?
Hakuna Matata takes a holistic approach to travel, considering the tourists in harmony with the destination and the local connoisseurs. The finer details of travel are considered way ahead your brain begins to worry or plan; from the conscious understanding of the destinations, immersions into nature, the little pieces of culture you bring back as souvenirs and the symbolisms of the experiences. Hakuna Matata ensures your wandering and travel will imprint in your memories and soul forever

How to embody the motto?
Let’s Wander Africa, encapture the mission of Hakuna Matata, allowing tourists, travellers and wanderers to experience Africa in its purest form, free of judgement. With your feet down on the ground, feel the timelessness and mysticism of the continent and cradle of humankind.

Why Partner with Hakuna Matata?

In a world of increasing information, it is often hard to discern who we can trust to deliver genuine information. Not only that, entering new markets and finding reliable networks and connections can be daunting and a chance for huge failure for up-and-coming companies and new products. Hakuna Matata is unique on the premise that it understands the nuances and depth of the Tourism industry in East Africa like no other, tracing the trends of continuity and seeing what has failed and succeeded means they have an insider knowledge that Google could never offer.

Licensing with Hakuna Matata

Full-service Licensing includes a beginning-to-end complete service that personally guides brands and products with insider knowledge. This leads to boosted sales, income and profit as well as a safety net the benefits all parties of the business deal. Business is pursued more ethically as skill development is continually incorporated, customers are placed at the heart and stablished and newer markets innovatively reshape the future.

Our Licensing services include the following:

Initial stage:
The first stage looks into the research and analysis of the product category as well as possible partners and potential promotions, to outline the success of the product. The focus on internal dynamics and external factors of tourism is continuously considered through analysis of the local and international markets and demand.

Second stage:
The creation of a complete licensing and retail plan tailored to our customers, with suggestions based on proven records. A consideration of the overall brand positioning, target demo, product categories, schedule, and distribution methods in professionally crafted, innovative proposal presentations and materials.

Third stage:
The important but often difficult aspects of business are considered as Hakuna Matata outlines ways to harmonize standards and codes of conduct for tourism facilities and services with the specific brand and mission.
Information is disseminated in an understandable manner and networking is facilitated smartly and efficiently.
Financial and risk management services are also outlined

Last stage:
A contracted business agreement that focuses on retail placement, direct-to-retail, and limited-time/exclusive possibilities whilst also considering sustainable ways to promote continual skill development in the tourist industry.

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