Welcome to East Africa! (covering Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda)

True travel connoisseurs will know that East Africa enthralls guests with a trio of inspiring destinations: Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda. This trio of beauty is bound geographically but singular in special ways offering guests the opportunity of adventure, escapism and serenity. 

So, what are you waiting for? Venture beyond the mainstream and become your own movie character; feed giraffes, stare down lions (probably not recommended), break bread with gorillas, luxuriate in diamond seas and live a holiday of dreams. 


From Africa’s highest mountain to jaw-dropping expanses of geography, Tanzania is a wondrous holiday destination. Known for its all-encompassing nature, emotionally-charged safaris and exquisite cuisine. Mount Kilimanjaro dares visitors to hike its trailing upwards paths for a life-changing experience. Although the route upward is not as steep, hikers often find the altitude and temperature the most challenging. If hiking 5,895m is not your type of adventure, then have no fear guides can cater to guests with short hikes and picnic lunches with a panorama of the three cones of the Kilimanjaro region. The Kilimanjaro National Park is an escapade in its own right with 650km2 of verdant expanse there are a plethora of things to do; Bird-watching, elephant sightings, visiting the crystal Chala Crater Lake and meeting friendly locals. Tanzania will leave an imprint on the soul. 

The adventure only just begins.

The often overlooked Rift Valley that crosses continents, homes the Lake Manyara and it’s crowds of pink-feathered flamingos along with the unique tree-climbing lions and many endangered species. Visitors can float on a canoea or even learn the ropes of traditional fishing.

Although, many visitors use Dar es Salaam as a gateway, don’t sleep on this coastal city simmering with seafood gastronomy at the Kivukoni Fish Market, cultural education available at the National Museum and House of culture and artistic treasures at the Tinga Tinga Arts Co-operative Society. For a more unique experience of Tanzania, visit the uncredited Capital Dodoma for a culinary and cultural immersion into Tanzanian life. 

Connecting its neighbours, Serengeti National Park borders Kenya with a never-ending variety of flora and fauna, a million species flitter across the second-biggest national park and visitors attract countless herbivores and curious travellers.

Tanzania invites newcomers, acquaintances and regular visitors to its shores for a novel discovery each time. If time permits, then a visit to Zanzibar and Pemba will transport visitors to heaven-like islands with pure beaches and serene escapes. Zanzibar’s Stone Town is a maze of  

Swahili and Arab influences laid out in grids of Zanzibari hotels, authentic markets, the elegant Forodhani Gardens and Emerson Spice, once a gorgeous villa and now a Tea House.


Kenya possesses magic that has captured the world. Where else in the world can visitors tread close to Cheetahs, Hyenas and the King of the Pride himself? 

This country pockets savannahs, shorelines and mountain summits with a variety of surprises at each turn. Beautiful beaches of crystalline waters and white sand provide a free luxury to all. Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa provides cave exploration, camping trips and endless hiking trails. Part of Kenya’s fame lies in Maasai Mara which has one of the finest conservation programmes and an exceptional array of wildlife populations such as African bush elephants and all sorts of wild cats. The national park was named to honour the Maasai tribespeople and visitors can experience the culture, traditions and heart of the people who have inhabited in natural cohesion with the Maasai Mara.

Mombasa, is a cultural melting pot of Swahili, Arab, Asian and European cultures time-capsuling the Old Town and fusion cuisine. Nairobi bustles with art, music and culture and is a must-stop for an understanding of Kenyan contemporary culture.


Only 90 minutes of flight time away, lies the pearl of Africa, luminescent with lush landscapes, vibrant people, life-like gorillas encounters and party capital.

Experience Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable national park and meet one of the 17 Gorilla families, sitting up close to the majestic creatures as you learn about their world. Bwindi means darkness highlighting the mystery of the ‘impenetrable forest’ with its dense bamboo interspersed. The national park invites coffee-lovers to coffee plantations where they can buy souvenirs. Visitors are encouraged to join soul-changing hikes, meet with locals and invited to support local charities and businesses that are the foundations of social movements.

A visit to Uganda would not be complete without a visit to one of the African Great Lakes: Lake Victoria, this sanctuary for wetland animals and birds will transport you to a dream experience.

Kampala, known as one the biggest ‘party city’ in Africa, attracts people from all walks of life. Once recovered from the epic nightlife, cruise Kampala’s rolling hills and hit the town for a soulful encounter with the many cathedrals, the Gaddafi mosque, Ba’hai Temple (one of only 7 in the world) and Botanical Gardens.

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