1.        What makes Tanzania so special?

Tanzania holds a very special place in the heart of nature lovers, thanks to the diversity of wildlife that it offers. Africa’s largest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, is present in Tanzania, and it’s a dormant volcano. Tanzania has fantastic national parks like Serengeti, Ruaha, Tarangire, Selous, etc., that offer memorable safari experiences and a chance to see endangered species like the Black rhino. You’ll also get to see the big five, impalas, giraffes, and thousands of birds!

2.        How expensive is Tanzania?

A trip to Tanzania costs around $900-$X. The National Parks are slightly expensive since they’re super exclusive and give you access to preserved wildlife. As a result, despite its immense size, the amount of tourists, and the volume of cars and accommodations in individual parks, is limited. The limited amenities there contribute to the increased cost. But with all that Tanzania has to offer, paying a slight premium is always worth it because the experiences are such that you’ll remember them for long afterward!

3.        Is Tanzania a safe country?

Tanzania is widely regarded as a safe and secure country for tourists. However, you should take the standard measures and stay up to date on official travel advisories. Isolated regions, particularly secluded sections of coastlines and beaches at night, should be avoided. Its recommended that you take a taxi at night in towns, cities, and tourist locations. Tanzania is generally safe to visit, while extreme caution is advised in tourist destinations like Arusha and Stone town, where the population is denser.

4.        Is a safari in Tanzania worth it?

A safari in any of Tanzania’s National Parks is definitely worth every penny. In just one go, you can see a completely different part of the world where animals are in their natural habitat, and the area is booming with vibrant flora. Tanzania can surely be regarded as a bird-watcher’s paradise as well since the diversity of birds is so high. From lions and cheetahs to flamingos and hippos, you’ll witness it all in Tanzania’s safari adventures.

5.        Which are the best safari spots in Tanzania?

Serengeti is the most popular tourist attraction in Tanzania and is beautiful all year long, giving a fantastic safari experience to all its visitors.

 If you’re looking for a more private safari adventure in a less crowded area, then Selous and Ruaha are the perfect choices for you. The best thing about Ruaha is that you can even embark on a walking safari to see the little creatures up close!

But if you don’t have enough time to wait patiently for game watching, then Mikumi is the best safari spot for you because game watching is guaranteed there.

6.        Can I see the Great Migration at Serengeti?

The exact whereabouts, origin point, and travel routes of the Wildebeests during the Great Migration are hard to predict. Therefore it is hard to predict or guarantee that you’d be able to see the migration for yourself. Nevertheless, you can try your luck!

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