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The expanse (large area) of the Selous Wildlife Sanctuary is marketed as its most distinguishing attribute. A safari in Africa’s largest park shows pleasures on a far bigger scale.

Africa’s Largest Game-Reserve:


The Selous Game Reserve, which covers 48,000km2 in southern Tanzania, is Africa’s largest wildlife reserve, including enormous herds of elephants, crocodiles, carnivores, birds, buffaloes, hippo, and a variety of migratory birds.

This region is also home to some of Tanzania’s last remaining black rhinos. Just the region north of the Rufiji River is accessible to tourists. The rest of the reserve is divided into hunting privileges. The Rufiji River cuts Selous in half.

Larger and Better:

Selous is undoubtedly an area full of adventure and mystery. It is far larger than some of the more famous reserves. Selous isn’t as frequently visited as Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater, but its vast area promises lots to see.

Lesser People, Better Experience:

The greatest part about the Selous reserve is that it is devoid of tourists. There are very few people there as compared to the more famous National Parks like Serengeti. With so many people travelling to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, this vast wildlife sanctuary provides more than enough room for the very few guests that come there.

Your game viewing activities will not be hampered by the presence of other cars in the vicinity of the wildlife. This is because animals automatically go into hiding when there’s too much noise, and a lot of vehicles may scare them off before you even see them. Your wildlife encounters will be significantly more distinct.

There really are lesser automobiles when there are fewer people, so the freshness of the air remains intact. What’s the point of going to a natural place full of wildlife when there’s just going to be more cars and pollution? 

Walking Safaris:

Walking safaris are also available at Selous. Walking safaris with a guide are a fantastic way to get connected to nature. Through the walking safari experience, you’ll be able to examine smaller animals and plants more closely. You can stop for as long as you want at any spot that catches your interest. Fly camping is also a terrific choice for those wanting a little additional excitement.

Boat Safaris:

One of your favorite pastimes in Selous might be exploring the continuous streams that run like capillaries through the countryside. Selous is unique among Tanzanian reserves and parks in that it can provide boating safaris throughout the year.

The boat safaris are the finest method to capture crocodiles and hippos up close and personal. You can get some fantastic shots of wildlife for your travel albums. At the same time, you’ll also get the perks of experiencing what it was like to be in their natural environment.


One can partake in an unforgettable water adventure. You can experience a ride along the Rufiji River where visitors can observe crocodiles, rhinos, hippos and other water-dwelling species.

 Many thirsty animals are frequently sighted nearby in search of water. If you’re a lover of birds, you’ll spot plenty of them in Selous! Since it’s the largest wildlife reserve, it is kind of obvious that it would be home to more wildlife species than you’d expect.

The variety of activities it offers and the solitary nature of Selous is a major reason why it should be your next travel destination!

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