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Zanzibar Island is the largest and most famous island of Zanzibar Archipelago. The island has a diverse coastline and is considered one of the most beautiful, captivating, and exotic places on earth. There are plenty of things to experience, from the vibrant culture in the South to the blissful barefoot luxury in the North. We have collected all the places of Zanzibar Island that are worth the time and visit. So you can enjoy your vacations peacefully.

Things not to miss in Zanzibar

Beaches in Zanzibar

The East Coast has one of the island’s most idyllic beaches. It has alot of lodges and five stars hotels. There is a tidal aspect of the Indian Ocean which calls you for swimming or snorkelling.

As you go further to the North of Zanzibar, the less crowded and more private beaches are there. North Beach is least affected by the tidal range and best suited if you want privacy.

The Northeast coast is the prime location of the beach. Most of the top-end accommodations of Zanzibar is located there. The diving is also excellent there, and there is not much tidal variation. This place is a must-go if you are visiting Zanzibar.

If you move further to the South, you will reach the Zanzibar south coast, the more populated area. There are more people to interact with. You can engage with locals and learn about their culture and heritage.

When you go to Zanzibar southeast coast, there are plenty of beautiful beaches and resorts there. But keep in mind that the tidal range there is more marked than in other regions.

Lastly, there is a Zanzibar west coast. There are fewer lodges there, and this area feels a little remote. But it is home to Stone Town, which is the must place to visit if you are on Zanzibar Island.

Stone Town

Stone Town is Zanzibar’s historical capital. No visit to Zanzibar island is complete without visiting this place. There are narrow, cobbled streets in stone town. It is considered as The World’s Heritage site and a formal capital of the main island. It is home to many historical and cultural sites, including Beit Ul Ajaib ( House of Wonders), Makusurani graveyard where many former Arab rulers of the island are buried; the Dunga Ruins, Palatial ruins dating from the 15th century. There is the Peace Memorial Museum, the national history museum; these museums are worth visiting.

Try the spices of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is also known for its spices. The island is known as Spice Island. In Zanzibar, never miss the tour to sample clove, vanilla, nutmeg, black pepper, and coriander. Their spices are something worth trying.

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The climate of Zanzibar is moderate. The temperature there will not be less than 20°C but also not more than 33°C. Zanzibar has two rainy seasons. One is in November and December, and the other is from March to May. March to May is a monsoon season, and during this time, there are long and heavy rains. While in November and December, there are short rains. Many people visit Zanzibar during this season. It has the lowest number of tourists during the monsoon season. You can look into all factors and visit this place according to your convenience.

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