Serval Wildlife (Arusha)

Have you ever dreamed of being up, close and personal with wild animals? Have you ever imagined yourself as the protagonist of a movie, one that has a special connection with wild animals? Well at Serval Wildlife, dreams can come true. This carefully curated ecosystem puts animals at the heart of everything they do! From the 3000 hand-planted plants that work in favour and perfect harmony with the animal’s health needs, to the knowledgeable experts that manage this wildlife haven. This is a holiday experience that will create unforgettable memories and expand your appreciation for animals and nature.

Situated in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, visitors can either stop on their way to Mount Kilimanjaro or simply enjoy the dominating views of the tallest Mountain on the continent and Mount Meru. Serval is about 90 minutes away from Arusha, the safari capital of Tanzania.

What animals live at Serval Wildlife?

Serval Wildlife currently homes a variety of different animals such as the splendid kings of the jungle; African Lions, the cheeky Colobus Monkeys, the elegant Masai Giraffes, the sleepy Bat-eared Foxes, the majestic Elands, curious Ostriches, and energetic Blue & Vervet monkeys!
Rather than observing the animals from afar, this wildlife experience invites you into the lives of these free-roaming wild animals, allowing you to walk in the fire paw-prints.

Do the animals want to be at Serval Wildlife?

The ambassador animals at Serval Wildlife are domesticated versions of the wildlife animals, this means that these animals would not be able to survive being out in the real wild. These animals have either been rescued from traumatic situations or brought up in secure environments which have naturally domesticated them in a way that they are used to interacting with humans and mostly rely on the keepers for food and attention. The animals are never forced to interact with humans and their personalities are often of a curious, friendly nature. They have free access to the guest area, which means they can easily exit if uncomfortable or uninterested (Advanced apologies if they decide they don’t want to hang out with you).

What makes Serval Wildlife special?

This exclusive holiday experience may come with a pricier tag but this is due to the very fact you enter the homes of the wildlife you wish to experience. Serval Wildlife prioritises the health and welfare of the animals with veterinarians on call who personally know the animal’s histories, caretakers that are animals’ daily friends and conservationists who are always creatively planning how to tackle challenges ahead. This luxury ecotourism lodge not only provides you with 5* service but also ensures the nutrition, physical environment, health, mental state and behavioural interactions of each and every animal in the eco-lodge. To further the claims of environmentally friendly considerations of every cell, plant and animal, the facilities are 100% solar powered and the lodge works towards a carbon-neutral future through every small action.

How does Serval Wildlife support the local community?

This wildlife infrastructure generates resources which in turn supports the local environment, helps animals live their best lives possible and attracts global attention to generate the local economy. Animals brought to Serval Wildlife are in direct communication with Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) & Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI). The lodge exclusively employs Tanzanian nationals helping the economy and individuals with this prestigious name on their CVs. The food, textiles, and artefacts come from the local community and a percentage of the lodge’s profits are given to community projects in schools or to community groups in need of funding. So, in effect by booking Serval Wildlife, tourists play a significant role in the local and national networks of Tanzania.

The Villas available

Visitors staying overnight can choose from the Cheetah villa, the Zebra Villa and the Giraffe Villa. The rooms are gorgeous displays of Tanzanian heritage with an outdoors element brought indoors. Snuggle with cheetahs, kiss a giraffe or give a Zebra a hug, these animals will approach you as soon as they see the characteristic woven basket holding their treats. Each Villa has space for a small family of 2 adults and 2 kids, with a living room area, bathroom with couples sinks, dressing area and outdoor porch area where magic can happen. Due to the location, the Villas are full board-inclusive and food and drinks are always available for you (and the animals).

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