Mufindi, the Highlands of Southern Tanzania is the perfect location for a recharge, rest and relaxed atmosphere. A unique cluster of green rolling hills, paired with healing ancient forests and spacious tea plantations, Mufindi is the opposite of the idea of savannahs and deserts and the ideal break!


Considered part of Tanzania’s East Arc Rift valley, Mufindi offers a different type of holiday from the classic safari or turquoise beaches, it is one of four districts of the Iringa Region of Tanzania bordered to the north by Kilolo District and Iringa Urban District, to the south by the Njombe Region, to the east by the Morogoro Region and to the west by the Singida Region.

Mufindi is a hard to reach at about an hour drive away from Iringa, known for its artfully woven baskets which are sold all over the country. The Neema Crafts Centre which has worn national awards has exciting cafe, variety of tours and of course excellent crafts by that showcase the talents and supports People with Disabilities. People interested in the origins of humankind can also visit the prehistoric site of Isimila Stone Age Site and observe the Iringa Rock Paintings.
Mufindi is also perfectly sandwiched between two national parks Ruaha and Nyerere due to its natural diversity.

Why visit Mufindi?

Lesser known to international globe trotters and lesser explored, Mufindi is off the beaten track and a destination for travellers who enjoy going against the grain. In this age of global travel, highlands will bring to mind ideas of Switzerland and Scotland but Tanzania treasures the tranquil escape of Mufindi with cooler air, delicious tea and beautiful landscapes. Mufindi is known to have some of the coolest and raniest climates in Tanzania because of its high altitudes (1830m) making it ideal for those who are tired of the heat.

Best time to visit

The best months to visit if you want to avoid the rain are from June to October, the clearer skies and lesser rain make it easier to enjoy the countless activities available in Mufindi. If you are a rain lover than December to April brings skies from the heavens as well as much bloom and growth of flora that are incredibly spectacular like the Poinsettia Flower, 100’s of species of succulents and even poisonous flowers you should admire from far.

What activities await in Mufundi?

Rural Africa, the nature in this area is plentiful, volcanic mountains, grasslands, lakes and winding farm roads all build a image of what Mufindi can offer to honeymooners, friendly hikers and family adventurers. Mufindi is known for its timber industry and boasts extensive forests. Within these natural habitats live a great many monkeys and plenty of birdlife such as the Livingstone’s turaco, a blue-and-green feathery creature named after David Livingstone’s brother Charles.

There are many activities, tourists can roam around exploring the trails of hundreds of years of history or visit local villages that preserve ancestral ways of living, evenings promise cosy evenings in cabins equipped with fireplaces or outdoor firepits.
From December to April, a beautiful bloom of wildflowers will create picturesque landscapes ideal for photoshoots or nature fans. Tea lovers can also visit tea plantations or if you are interested in learning how leaves become the warm beverage we drink all over the world, then a visit to a tea plantation can take you through a titillating journey of how herbs become a drink.

Thrill seekers can mountain bike in the area, extreme kayak on the clear lakes, ride horses across the plains and hills and fly fishing is also possible although dependant on the season.

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