This liquid gold drink, once regarded as a potential drug in some parts of the world due to its invigorating properties is enjoyed by over 1 billion people worldwide. Coffee can be a heartwarming gift, that recognises a loved one’s everyday routine, but Fairtrade coffee extends even further, recognising the lives and labour of people behind the beans.

East African Coffee
East Africa is considered the birthplace of coffee, and its singularity cannot be replicated anywhere else. To this day Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia are recognised for their iconic rich blends that overtake people’s smell and taste senses. The tradition and history of coffee beans from each region are preserved in the complex notes of the flavour of each single-origin coffee.

Whilst demand is always high, prices and taste preferences are an issue, and certain countries ‘wash’ their tea to suit the milder taste preferences of global markets. In other cases, coffee can also be honey processed which offers a middle ground of sweetness and boldness.

Fairtrade Coffee
Whilst there is still a long way to go, most East African countries have been trying to improve the processing of coffee through Coffee Boards, surveilling both sides of the production of Coffee. The farmers who dedicate their lives to the cultivation of this bean have often been unjustly dealt a hand of small salaries that do not reflect the demand or quality of their goods. Fairtrade relations offers farmers a network and expertise insider on the production and demand of coffee, providing confidence in their goods, and ensuring job security whilst regulating business globally to ensure the equality of this hugely important trade.

Consumers and coffee drinkers can make a huge difference, catalysing a fairer world through small choices. By spending just a few more dollars with the intention of considering the lives and toil behind the product, we humanise the labourers and pour goodness and recognition into what they do.

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