Epi d’Or

Epi d’Or began in 2000 when a family business, spider, opened a modest bakery in Mikocheni’s Arcade. The founder made use of the opportunity to convert the bakery into a coffee shop and snacks in the city center, Samora avenue, in 2002. The store’s demolition in the city center inspired a new move, and spider chose to bring its whole idea together in one location. This was when the founders’ vision of a resting, meeting and family destination came to fruition.

The restaurant’s reputation was built on the owners’ insistence on carrying the standard. With its coffee shop, which includes a French bakery, Lebanese delicacies, freshly produced juices, and specialty coffee, Epicor has become the most popular breakfast and lunch location in Dar es Salaam. Epi d’Or has a lot of qualities that you appreciate. It was enormously popular and cleverly promoted, and it helped establish a worldwide reputation for Tanzanian food. The location is stunning, and the enthusiastic staff seems full of energy.

If you are a foodie and would love to taste the nourished local dish in Tanzania, Epi d’Or is the best place to go. Each eating space is built with unique designs from the succession of meals. It’s a location worth exploring, and the more you explore, the more notions and details you discover. This is true of both the cuisine and the foods in particular. Few restaurants can keep you thinking about your dinner for so long after you’ve finished it, and as an Epid’or customer, you want that sensation to last as long as possible. It is presently one of the most popular restaurants in Tanzania.

Two things happen when you enter Epi d’Or; the front-of-house staff gently greets you. Then you’re taken on a tour of the kitchens, where the cheerful teams welcome you from every direction. Chefs are preparing sauces, hollowing vegetables, creating ice sculptures, and preparing berries in every flawlessly gleaming nook and crevice.

Epi d’Or is the restaurant that is now setting the agenda in international cuisine. These days, you can’t go anywhere without coming across a locally sourced, multi-course tasting menu served on simple Tanzanian-style dishes in a wood-decked dining room inspired like this restaurant. Many upcoming restaurants have all embraced the new Epi d’Or inspirations. In recent years,

A typical menu you can take for lunch is freshly baked bread with hog fat-crackling butter. Squid served in an iced dish with broccoli stems and scallop sauce. Pear-stuffed duck A plum aquavit and plum kernel dessert served with creamy mash potatoes that look like ice cream. (It’s like the most delicate plum cake you’ve ever had.) Crisp pig skin drizzled in milk chocolate and topped with juicy berries is the conclusion when it finally arrives. It’s unquestionably excellent. It is not hard to see why you should choose Epi d’Or as your most preferred restaurant when traveling to Tanzania.



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