The Maldives is an enclave of a thousand and one islands, with coral reefs resplendent with rainbow marine life, deep dives of crystalline waters and a cuisine that takes inspiration from all over the world with fresh local produce. A paradise on earth, beckoning lovers and honeymooners with its solitaire sanctuaries of turquoise waters, sustainable architecture and luxury experience.

Whilst the Maldives is often selected as a romantic destination there are also lively unexpected towns, endless beaches and gastronomic wonders that can create a wondrous experience for all; young and old!

Activities of the Maldives

It’s difficult to define which beaches are the best in the Maldives as they are all wonderful. However, below you can gain a better understanding of where to start looking. Whether you want to snorkel, fish, dive with sharks or simply lay low on the beach, the Maldives can make it happen.

Honeymoon Beaches
Bandos Maldives and Kandolhu Island beach are small Islands perfect for couples in search of seclusion and snorkelling adventures. Most resorts promote have private beaches and offer private dip pools attached to rooms

Fun Activity Beaches
Mirihi Island Beach, Sun Island Beaches and Kurumba Beach are locations amidst luxurious resorts with white sand, emerald waters, and accessible seabeds. These locations are great for excitement and entertainment offering activities like Jet skiing, knee boarding, diving and snorkelling alongside the fishies. Thrill seekers will be happy to know the South Ari Atoll is known as a hotspot for whale sharks.

All in all, Snorkelling or deep dives are considered a must-do for visitors, as the Maldives offer an experience that no other location in the world does. The pristine waters and endless magical underwater worlds will always reveal unique fish, flora and fauna to those who dare to enter into the mystery.

Relaxing Beaches
Baros, Reethi Rah and Fulhadhoo Island prioritise a slower calmer pace, with yoga and meditation classes, sunset leisure walks and candlelit restaurants on the beach. These are great proposal locations and the staff of the resorts are always at hand to make the experience extra special. The Four seasons beach in the North Male Atoll.

Unique Beaches
The Beaches of Reethi, Dusti Thani, and Mirihi are exceptionally unique as they glow in the dark, juxtaposing the night sky. A beautiful interaction of the stars lighting up the sand and the water lapping up gently up the shore, this glowing experience is entirely captivating.

The Capital, Male

Male, the Capital of the Maldives with a bustling population and life is worth a visit. Whilst, we can often confuse the Maldives as a place of holiday, locals and a history of hundreds of years is preserved in Male. Visit the Grand Friday Mosque, a pristinely white building that represents the religious identity of the Maldives. The Victory Monument recounts the political story of the Maldives and today is a monument to commemorate the resilience of Male.
Male is filled with markets that will have your mouth watering for fruits as you’ve never tasted before. Mangoes, papayas, limes, bananas, pumpkins, watermelon, and taro are all enjoyed fresh but also in dishes and desserts across the Islands.

The Gastronomy of the Maldives

Maldivian cuisine is a cuisine that combines the diversity of the ocean with Indian flavours and tropical tastes. There are Fish curries, soups and rice dishes of all types, the Maldives combine the famous spring roll and samosa into a delicious street snack- Bis Keemiya. Starchy foods such as yams and taro are also eaten fried and dipped with flavourful aromatic sauces. For dessert Sago, Coconut milk with hints of rose and cardamom will help you cool off. The Maldivian countless dishes incorporate tropical produce along with Arabic dishes due to the Maldives’ love story with Islam and Arab traders. In 1153 the last Buddhist King of the Maldives converted to Islam, changing his name to Muhammed Ibn Abdulla changing the face and story of the Maldives.

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