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Tea comes with an entire culture behind it and anyone who has over the years gotten into the journey of experiencing different types of teas will quickly let you know that there is nothing greater than having the right flavor to match your day. Kazi Yetu is a company that truly understands that which is why they created a sustainable product line from Tanzania.
Their line, which can currently be delivered in many different EU countries includes a large number of different tea flavors, packaged in completely sustainable packaging. Everything from Zanzibar Chai, Lemongrass Moringa, Kilimanjaro Black Tea, and many others are among the impeccable flavors found in the Tanzania Tea collection.
What makes their products so unique is how careful the company is with the sourcing of the tea. This is not usually the case as tea can be sourced in many ways, and some of them, if not most of them are not always ethical. More importantly, they make sure to have ethical business practices and sustainability as their focus in everything they do. This includes not only the sourcing of the tea but also the selection of the packaging.
The Tanzania Tea collection is stored in a cylindrical package made of cardboard. This allows them to ensure that their ethically sourced tea is going to come in biodegradable packaging. And yet, cardboard is not the farthest that this company has gone. In fact, instead of selling loose leaf tea, they have opted for the creation of biodegradable pyramid tea bags. These are not only more convenient for people to use, but in many ways, they are a step towards innovation in the tea industry which often tends to fall behind.
If you are planning on buying the Tanzania Tea collection as a gift then one of the best things you can purchase is a reusable mug along with the 7 tea gift set to present a more unique gift. Their full list of flavors includes:
Kilimanjaro Black Tea
Cinnamon Spire
Choco Choco: which includes coconut elements
Zanzibar Chai
Kilimanjaro Green Tea
Lemongrass Moringa
Pan roasted Oolong from the Usambara Mountains

Between all of these different flavors, you are guaranteed to be able to find some unique tea blends that will make an excellent gift for the tea lovers in your life. When deciding on which ones to buy as gifts it is important that you check not only all of the ingredients in each tea bag, but also that you can know what type of packaging they will be coming in. While most come in 20 biodegradably pyramid tea bags there is also an exception as oolong can come in 50 grams of loose leaf tea.
This is your chance to truly please your tea lover friends through unique products that will quickly help your friend develop completely new tea habits.

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