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Shoe lovers come in all sizes, shapes, and forms and if you have a friend who self-identifies as a shoe lover then you know that no gift will be better received than a well-designed or even custom-designed show. And yet, these can be hard to find as the show market often appears to have the same products over and over rather than having innovative new designs that push the limits.
KituKali is a new footwear and apparel design company that is not afraid to push the limits of what people expect. While most companies are focused on neutral colors and no designs, KituKali is strongly promoting its African roots through its products. Instead of engaging in the wasteful culture of shoemaking, they have chosen to take the more sustainable route by using Recycled materials inside all of their shoes. What’s more, they always source their cotton from Ankara and do not use any animal products in their production. This means that even your vegan friends will be able to benefit from getting custom-designed footwear. Their apparel fabrics, which usually include many bright, tribal, and African themes are also carefully sourced and are used to honor the Kenyan culture.
To put it simply, KituKali is the crossroad at which you can find gifts for your many different friends according to their tastes. Whether your friend is vegan and wants to ensure the products they are gifted are too, or if they are an apparel and shoe lover who cares for originality, or if they are simply interested in supporting African brands, you will be able to find something for them.
An important thing to remember about KituKali when placing an order is that no two products are the same. Because of the way their production runs, they always create one-of-a-kind pieces as there might be small differences within each batch. What’s more with every single purchase you are supporting the local Kenyan families that are actively working in the production of KituKali goods.
So, what can you buy from KituKali?
Depending on who you are buying from you can direct your attention to several different types of clothing and apparel. While the shoe lovers may be looking forward to receiving a sneaker with African designs, other people far prefer T-shirts, hoodies, and even hats. If your friends are looking for those types of apparel, then directing your attention to those might be best.
Finally, if you want to create an even more special gift you can choose to design your footwear. The different customizable shows include flip-flops, slippers, oxford shoes, and toms. With these, you can truly give your friends a gift that is not only one of a kind but also showcases your love for them, as you will have spent the time to design it.
KituKali is an excellent option for those who want to give African inspired gift that catches another person’s eyes. What’s more, they are a great gift for fashion lovers looking to support more sustainable brands, without losing out on having intricate and original designs.

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