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The drive for sustainability and ethical production has led to the creation of many new and original brands that can not only offer unique products but can also do so without compromising their production practices. AfriCraft is one of the clearest examples of such a company, as it started in 2004 and ever since then, it has offered some of the most unique products and gifts.
The story of this company is exactly what has driven the creation of their products as they started by collecting waste and recycling and repurposing it into exquisite items. This is a practice that they follow to this day as all of their items are made of repurposed glass, metal, paper, wood, plastic, and other natural products. This allows for a unique level of sustainability in the creation of all of their products.
The recycled material is usually collected and then taken by their over 200 artisans, who will decide what sort of design they would like to create from the collected material. This allows for full creativity and the opportunity to truly create some exceptional every single time as it is usually the case that they can use the collected material to create completely different products.
If you want to focus on home décor items, then the bottlecap table mat or metal tea lights can make for the perfect addition to someone’s home. If you instead want to focus on more utilitarian items then you can choose any item from their extensive glassware collection, or some of their bowl sets.
For lovers of nature, there is truly one gift in the Africraft collection that is not easy to find anywhere else, and that is their BAOBAB bird houses and feed dispensers. These unique items can bring all the birds right to your friend’s doorstep.
Regardless of which of the items by Africraft you choose to buy your friends though one thing is for sure, and that is that the items will be a conversation point by everyone who sees it.
In the odd case that your friend is someone who hates home décor and homeware then you can direct your attention to Africrafts selection of Teas oils and nuts. Their spices are also carefully selected and packaged in beautiful packaging, which would make these the best possible gifts for food lovers.

If you are truly looking for some unique and sustainable products to get your friends and family then Africraft is truly the place to go. These are the types of gifts that become centerpieces in someone’s house, which naturally means that every time that conversation comes up the exceptional nature of your gifts will undoubtedly be mentioned. This will not only bring attention to the gift though, but it will also bring attention to a company that is putting its social work first by funding many different social projects which include schools, waste management, and solutions to the housing problems in the area.


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