Make It Matter

Are you looking for the gift that is going to matter more? With “make it matter” you have the option of buying premium items created by local artisans in Tanzania. As the company states, they seek to empower artists who are located in communities that need help.
Before becoming the company that it is today “make it matter” had a very long story. It was created by a British-born woman who sought to bring to the forefront Tanzania art crafts music and storytelling as those mediums have been important in her own life.
And so she proceeded with finding artists that are local to Tanzania and who could bring all of their long years of crafting as well as their skills to the table. Instead of allowing middlemen to bully the women an artist who come in for this project created an entirely safe space in which they could create and support their communities through some beautiful collections.
For those who want to make gifts for their friends the collections that make it matter truly will have something for every single person and not only that every single item is going to matter more.
Currently, they have over 1500 artisans actively working on the handmade homeware art decor designs and fashion accessories that are offered through the make it matters platform.
Their beautiful homeware is something straight out of an editorial magazine and will truly fit into most modern spaces. What’s further they will bring a natural element to the spaces that you are buying for. When it comes to gifting an item to your friends or family the question will not be “will I find something?” but rather it will be “which of all of these beautiful items should I buy?”
With Make it Matter you will be able to find beautifully woven items as well as other homeware to fit any space. The element of Africa will also be present in all of these items, as all of the artisans embed a strong African character in all of their creations. In all of this is it also important to note that you can get any number of different designs and even sets from the collection if you want to create the perfect gift for a friend.
From wedding gifts to a Christmas gift to even a housewarming gift you cannot go wrong with using “Make It Matter” as all of their products are exceptionally crafted and can fit into most spaces. When you buy a gift from them though, you can also remember that the gift will reach much further than your friends and family as many different people and artisans along the production chain are guaranteed to benefit from your move. By supporting the local community, while getting the best possible items you are essentially getting one of the best deals available on the planet.


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