The Best Restaurants In Tanzania:

When you’re on vacation, it’s your ultimate goal to savor every aspect of your travel destination’s culture. One aspect of culture is food. A holiday is incomplete unless you’ve had a taste of your travel destination’s local cuisine!

Tanzania is a country that offers you some of the best food options with the most scenic views and a beautiful ambiance. From traditional African food to halal options, Tanzania has it all. You can enjoy succulent food at the seashore or have some drinks on the balcony of a restaurant in a forest.

Let’s check out some of the best restaurants and bars in Tanzania!

1.     Balis Food Centre, Dar es Salaam:

The top restaurant in Tanzania for succulent food and lavish dining is the Balis food center at the heart of Dar es Salaam. Everyone loves classic Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese cuisines, and the Balis food center offers them all! For the kids, there is fast food available here as well!

2.     Lilac Café, Karatu:

Lilac Café is an ambient café in Karatu that offers a clean, hygienic, and quiet environment where you can have a snack. The African cultural décor and home-like environment make Lilac Café a perfect choice for a short break.

3.     Rhotia Valley’s Coffee corner, Karatu:

For a small coffee break when you just want to relax and immerse yourself in lush green views, this coffee corner is a perfect choice. You can enjoy traditional African cuisines as well as vegetarian options on the terrace with views of a lush green forest.

4.     Peterpan Beach Lodge and Italian Restaurant, Zanzibar:

What’s better than having traditional African food and seafood on the beach with the sound of the ocean waves splashing clearly visible? The Peterpan restaurant is a fantastic seaside restaurant offering Italian, Vegetarian, African, Vegan, and Seafood cuisines all at a very relaxing and scenic location.

5.     Mashaa allah Café, Zanzibar:

Muslim tourists often face the issue of not having halal meat available when they travel. But here in Tanzania, you can get Halal and gluten-free food at the Ma Shaa Allah Café at Zanzibar! This restaurant offers vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free food.

6.     Bahari Pizza Restaurant, Zanzibar:

Now, if you miss the good old Pizza you had back at home, the Bahari Pizza restaurant has got you covered with its Italian Pizza and other Italian foods. You also get vegetarian options as well as street parking, live music, and digital payments.

7.     Blue Dongwe Jetty, Zanzibar:

One of the most exotic and beautiful restaurants is the Blue Jetty! For a luxury experience, visit the blue jetty and enjoy delicious food with a fantastic view. It’s the ideal dining spot for couples who are looking for a more refined and exclusive dining choice.

8.     Fisherman’s seafood and grill, Zanzibar:

Fans of seafood will love what this beautiful grill restaurant offers. Enjoy delish seafood at a scenic and seaside location.

9. Chinese Whispers, Arusha:

For traditional Chinese/Asian cuisine, consider a full meal at the Chinese Whisper restaurant in the heart of Arusha. Enjoy lavish Asian dining at a city location.

10. Kitamura Coffee, Arusha:

If you’re a bit low on time and looking for a quick snack, consider the Kitamu Coffee house at Arusha with African cuisine, seafood, Italian cuisine as well as many other international cuisines.

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