Zalt Salt

The Zanzibar Salt with a story.

Born from the minds of three individuals who wanted to bridge domestic daily culinary needs with a mindful awareness of the ecosystem and environment and positively aid salt-farmers, Zalt was born.

But how does the story begin? Lise ambling in the markets of Morogoro, Tanzania came across this crystal rock and brought it back to her future co-founders Stephi and Rachel. After allowing the salt to melt on their tongue, the three knew they had discovered something special. Tracing the roots of the salt they found out its origins lay in Pemba. Travelling to Pemba, an island within the Swahili Coast and in the Indian Ocean known for its highly fertile agriculture, clove spices, and fishing, they would soon learn that not only was the salt completely natural but it was hand-harvested using solar evaporated technologies.

This would derail a series of encounters, conversations and procedures involving investors, scientists and even the Zanzibar Government to understand how they could market this precious product. Problems like the current quality of the salt and the lack of routes to the local and regional market arose, but this would not stop the women. They were on a mission to promote Zanzibarian salt with smart investments and an understanding of the challenges ahead they worked alongside the Government and the connoisseurs of the Salt industry.

Types of Zalts

Zanzibarians understand flavour and for this reason Zalt has many facets and stories to tell. Inspired by popcorn, cocktails and popular meals here are some of the salts you can buy:

Nyota: Comforting Fennel, Apple, Onion, Star anise Sea Salt
Kichaa: Fiery Garlic, Black pepper, Onion, Celery, Cayenne pepper, Sage Sea Salt
Kila Siku: Homey Lemon, Garlic, Celery, Onion Sea Salt
Cheza: Smokey Chili flakes, Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Cayenne pepper Sea Salt
Tikisa: Earthy Fennel, Onion, Garlic Sea Salt
Piga Basi: Citrusy, Lime Sea Salt
Changamka: Chilli, Lemon, Black Pepper, Celery Sea Salt
Flake Salt: Crisp-defined Sea Salt flakes
Halisi: Coarse Sea Salt

And although not salt the Black pepper corn Pili Pili Manga, is Hand Picked from Organic Black peppercorns that pair perfectly with any of the Zalts.

Values of Zalt

The eco-heart and focus of Zalt promotes five values, Environment, Diversity, People First, Enthusiasm and Gourmet. The salt harvested is not a business but a means to sustain communities with access to finances, the team ensure that the split pricing model ensures everyone is equally recompensed for their efforts and loans are available for sustainable business growth. Zalt is much more than a business, it is not only a way for people to earn a living but a means for them to pass on their expertise and preserve ancestral ways. Zalt also ensures to invest in the local community, especially formalising opportunities for youth and women from the ground upwards.

Why buy Zalt?

Zalt is the perfect souvenir or gift. Tourists and visitors can be sure to know that by bringing Zalt home, they are affecting real people, empowering local people, whilst also providing the means for parents to afford their children’s education, and maintain homes and communities.
This tasty essential ingredient to many dishes is not only a tasty addition but it brings awareness to how we all affect each other in this ecosystem when we make mindful choices about where to invest our money.

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